watched brokeback mountain in princeton yesterday with some work people. i don't know why i feel compelled to document this, but probably because i haven't watched practically any of the golden globe-y movies and i wanted to. and because it's a movie that everybody seems to have seen and had a reaction to (too repetitive 'n' slo, hauntingly thought-provoking). to me it seems like one of the movies that reviewers write "but the real star of the film is the rocky mountains..." although i was really impressed by heath ledger. he's come SUCH A LONG WAY from 10 things i hate about you. a good film in its own right.

yesterday i went to an H Mart! it was a nice freakishly warm day for a drive, and my fridge has been begging to be loved for awhile. now all i need to know is how to cook! i've been cookbook craving for a little while, especially this one! i saw it at micawber books (for full price i'm sad to say i didn't buy it then and there feeling like it'd be much cheaper at amazon...) and it was bee-you-tiful.

also, i've been going to this really excellent class at the gym which is led by a cheerfully boppy and sadistic instructor. however, i'm self-conscious enough to think that if i go to his class again, he'll think that i'm stalking him.

okay, my stomach hurts. i think from going out and bumming a cigarette at winberies which seems to be my new hobby. time to eat something, time to get started...