i hate showers that leave you feeling dirty

today i asked the people at the gym why they didn't provide towels (i am way too lazy/low on towels to keep bringing springfresh towels when i work out, so it's like "here i am, drying off with the towel that's been sitting in the trunk of my car. yeah gross.)

me: are you ever going to have towels?
girl: nick, are we ever going to have towels?
nick: NEVER! not providing towels is what lets us keep our rates low.

good enough for me! me who just spent an hour haplessly and recklessly monkeying around in a hip hop class. woohoo! or is it? maybe i would pay an extra $30/month to have towels.

it's all (somewhat tragically) about tradeoffs.

money vs. towels, long hair vs. short hair, independence vs. loneliness, drama vs. emotional maturity...

what's been going on even? i've been reading a lot of books that manage to mirror exactly how i feel (aloft, oblivion). i need to really get away from that.

and replacing the makeup i lost on the train last last sunday. it definitely doesn't feel like christmas. the only people i've bought christmas gifts for have been kindof societally sanctioned (giftdrives and my company secret santa). and me.

i made an amazing "biggest loser" type bet with maneesh last saturday (of course at minado).

cause ... whatchu gon'e do with all this fat, all this fat up in ma shirt?