pretty in pink

i was wondering why i had such a crush on the charming blaine(?) from pretty in pink, but i just imdb-figured it out - he's the guy who was the charming ted from joy luck club. of course, of course.

i finally feel kind of okay with the state of my apartment! other than the fact that there are red wine splashes all over my white comforter and quilt, i finally have lots of light and electrical outlet options and an underwear drawer.

this weekend was the tiredest weekend ever - i think that the week was really stressful and sleepless and that it caught up to me at the worst time possible, which i guess is why i managed about 10 minutes at this weekend's birthday party before heading back home on the train...but i feel half well rested by now. i think it always takes two nights of regular sleep to get me back.

dipset. two floor suites. golddigger.