back in NY

so i just came back from my 12 day orientation for work. i was pretty noncommunicative with non-work people throughout, so this (this!) is literally my first contact with people since getting back.

i was so scared to even go, which is good to remember. and of course i had a great time and met wonderful and goofy people. there were obviously a few "big" nights where my major weakness (alcohol + top 40 music) undid me a little bit.

highlights? chronological account? i wish i could arrange my data in the best way possible! but i can't.

but, like, we played whirlyball, which is basically nothing more complex than lacrosse * bumper cars yet so fun (and for those of you who know me, i don't really like fun, so it was pretty fun!!) i definitely ate at the cheesecake factory three times in 12 days, which kind of blows my mind in ways i can't define. the actual training part of training wasn't too bad, although i am kind of paralyzed with fear thinking about starting on monday. oh, and there were a lot of snacks, so i gained a lot of weight. i pretty much just disgust myself right now. wooo!!

there were days that we never went outside, so it was pretty glorious when we finally got out on the weekend and explored downtown chicago. i met dave chang! he is just as cute and charming as ever. (holla!) as is my brother (holla x2!) who is now considering opthalmology. oh, and we saw the second city comedy show, red scare, which was hilarious too. maybe i don't hate fun! hmmmm.

slow elevators, going shopping with the europeans, learning LOTS of fun proprietary software, who knows. lots of strange dreams, which is something i relish about sleeping in a new environment. stuff involving, for example, maggie gyllenhaal as a martyred william wallace-ish character, my mom getting cancer and the entire faculty of haeseong high coming to the U.S. to give their condolences (and me hiding from them).

so this now is my last weekend before i officially start working. i'm really excited about everything and i hope i will be in 6 months too!