not so much because stuff has happened.

or wait no, lots of things have happened!

going to japan, our school's field days, going on a picnic with 2-2, moving out of my host family but not into my grandparents house because my school sucks and my VP yelled at me in Korean for being at fault, moving into another teacher's house and having that work out and actually being happy for the first time in a long while. i'm always smiling! which makes all the difference with teaching. i don't know. i can't really think...too much on my mind right now. i do feel fat though. today i'll go out and rent good will hunting for my club class...then head to the gym and try to work out. then tutor. then hang out with ms. moon and oh. blah, blah, blah...suddenly life has gotten very hectic. like college!

oh and i got my fortune told yesterday.

  1. i'm good at tests!
  2. i'm interested in fame
  3. i care about justice
  4. i should work as a public official
  5. and go to law school