what's in: flowers

magnolias, azeleas, cherry blossoms, and forsythia! are totally dominating the landscape here in korea. i'll take some pictures soon. but they're beautiful, take my word for it.

lots of posts lately! lately i feel a lot more lucid and coherent than i did during my groggy grumpy hibernation period.

i just got back from volunteering at "beautiful store" which is like the goodwill thrift store of korea. last week was the first time i went, and i got to be a little salesgirl with these two sweet ahjeummas. one of them was really funny because she totally bribed these two middle school girls from her church to come and check it out, i don't know why. and TODAY i did some data entry. for four hours straight, actually. never mind the fact that i am not the best at typing in hangeul...they just plunked me down and had me re-enter all this donation data that they'd lost somehow. that was way fun because it reminded me of all the other jobs i've done that involve ridiculous amounts of data entry (temping at verizon, interning at kiplinger's, research assistant stuff in college) and how they make me feel like an urban cindarella. i was proud because i managed to finish the whole stack before i went home. plus they gave me a banana and a yogurt drink!

i'm showing mean girls to my students this week, with english subtitles. for some classes this is okay but others are just totally not into it. it's hard for me to understand what level of english they are at - all of us are so perplexed by the astounding level of vocabulary they are supposed to know relative to their complete inability to understand or communicate in very simple, spoken english. maybe next week i'll show it with korean subtitles.

i took a practice MCAT this morning because i have 3 free periods on thursdays. the instant gratification of computer-basd tests is like, breathtaking...i have always associated standardized tests with the walk from my mailbox to my house...ripping open the envelope...slowly opening the trifolded "score report"...so it was really a shocker to see my score come up just like that after i finished my last question. surprisingly/unsurprisingly, i did way better on the verbal section than the math. i was trying some math problems last night and they seemed so much easier than the verbal! but anyway. i'm not in a total shithole as far as the MCAT is concerned and that is a relief.

i need a workout mix! suggestions?