vitamin c

vitamin c is what the VJ "soy" from pops in seoul on arirang recommended to people who are feeling a little bit tired these days due to the change in seasons. strangely enough i've been craving orange juice, which i usually hate because it's liquid calories. so i bought some tonight and we will see it work its magic! you know how there's good orange juice and bad orange juice? i guess i really like good orange juice, as do most of the boys in my life. lots of boys REALLY LIKE JUICE: one of the few things i've learned in 21 years. bad orange juice is, like i said, liquid calories and tastes like rancid plastic. it's hard to tell in korea, because the packaging is so unhelpfully homogenous.

so, i just got my GMAT book in the mail, and it's surprisingly challenging for me. and no, i haven't even tried the math. this is the VERBAL section! it's not that it's too difficult, per se ... although it could be. my brain just feels so rusty! i should also try to do some questions when i'm not watching tv and snacking. either way, though, it's a far cry from the SAT verbal sections which were almost kind of fun! this is not fun.

it's too bad. that was the one thing i was clinging to ... that even if i wasn't actually smart i'd be able to do well on the GMAT because i used to be good at this type of thing. but i'm glad. i'm not going to repeat my past mistakes (let's see, all the AP science and math classes that i just gave up on because they weren't easy. everything EVER that i have given up on because it wasn't easy!) plus i have an excuse. being in korea can't have helped my verbal abilities! on the other hand, i bet i've picked up some dorky male korean quantitative skills from my time at school, right?!

i walked both to and from school today, which is like, an entire hour of walking! that doesn't seem like too much in retrospect, but i've decided to let that be my "gym substitute", teehee! and i really like the walk. i'll take pictures of it and post them's quite scenic (except for the garbage and traffic and middle schoolers.)

today i talked to both nishad and won (scroll down) on the phone. it was such a pleasure! doesn't won look so happy and sunkissed in that picture?! he says it's dumb. nishad was really drunk and calling at 4 am in his office in manhattan. we're all unhappy in our own ways.

tony and i have a new project. it's not real in any way except for in our hearts, where all of our dreams are real.