english camp

my english camp is over! it was a pretty good time, although as usual suffered from a lack of planning and confidence on my part. which i'm kicking myself for. but it's over, and i have a whole new semester to get better. it also made me realize that i really can't relate to most korean high school boys (you know, the immature and snotty ones, especially.)

would i have been better off at a girls' high school? if by better off, i mean happier and probably extremely overindulged, then yes.

the most frustrating moments at the camp were those when i completely got pissed off by the things and people that i knew would piss me off. i mean, i really anticipated a lot of it, and just got taken down anyway. and that includes my own problems clearly. if you have talked to me in the past couple of days you probably know what i'm talking about.

yesterday and today i made a few purchases on iTunes and eBay. now i know how to purchase music, and better yet i can access it when i go home too! and in like 2 weeks i should have my new/old digital camera. today i bought some cute little index cards, cute little hair ties, and cute little pens with my host sister as we strolled around samcheon-dong and enjoyed some street snacks. it's good to sleep in the same place for 2 nights in a row because i haven't done that for about a month, i don't think.