four more weekends

sometimes i feel like time is moving so slowly, but then i show up to class and i'm like "oh! i just had you guys! what's up with that?!"

i'm a little bit sick, but thank god i can sleep for hours and hours at a time. and thank god un-suk called my TKD place on my behalf and told the mini-master that i was at death's door, so that i could stay home and sleep at 9pm. after having taken a nap from 5 to 7. in some ways i'm grateful for being sick because it lets me attribute all my other kinds of misery to a physical problem! i've lost lots of weight, the thought of food is disgusting to me, i miss my bed and fridge at home, and sometimes i feel like one semester of teaching english was enough to make me a brand new, patient, and tolerant person. and i want no more of it. before the physical symptoms of sickness appeared i just thought it was an attitude problem :^D :^D

meanwhile. this weekend was kind of terrible in some ways; house of sharing was a total bust, which is a very unfair thing to say. ambassador's thanksgiving dinner might have been delicious but like i said, food isn't really doing it for me right now so i have no clue. although there was wine! luckily beverages are still appealing...