yesterday i finally took a deep breath and went to taekwondo. i went to the 8:30 class instead of the 7:00 class, because the 7:00 class was just full of rowdy little kids the last time i went, and i am not feeling energetic enough these days to support that. so i showed up at around 8:15 just in case i needed to take care of any signing up details and i didn't, really, so i just sat on the floor and did some stretching while the 7:00 kids ran amok kicking balls and chasing each other (why is this fun? was i ever a kid?) while i was doing so, one kid who was probably 9 kicked a ball with all of his might into my FACE from 15 feet away. it didn't hurt at all (the ball was one of those inflatable beach-bally balls) but it really surprised me. and i almost started to cry. especially when he didn't apologize or even look sorry - but just ran away. and i realized that i am in a pathetic emotional state right now and need to snap the fuck out of it!

but the rest of tkd was really fun, and stretchy, and i left feeling really good about starting it up again. nb that my tkd master is not as cool as the chuncheon master but could probably be his older, slightly heavier set and dour-er brother. that is important.

and yesterday was also 11/11 aka PEPPERO day. i used to think i hated things like peppero because they only have pocky in the states and i really hate pocky. it's GROSS! but peppero tastes better to me. i think. plus it comes from people who love you. which means exactly four people love me: my vice principal, my host brother, richard feynman (aka my student minjae) and peter kang (aka my student ku-hyun). life is good. also it was veterans day, woo. oh, and i shouln't forget that i did not purchase peppero for anyone. instead i bought socks. and i realized that i don't wear socks with animals on them because it is cruel to keep animals inside your shoe where it smells yucky and there's no sunlight, food, or space to move around. but i will wear socks with flowers or ribbons or stripes on them. for sure.