ridiculously enigmatic in korea

in a country as "wired" as korea maybe it's surprising that i have had like no time to update my webpage, but i didn't bring a laptop and probably like 65% of my time so far in korea has been pre-packaged (forced social interaction?) and obviously updating my webpage hasn't been the highest priority. but i have been doing things and meeting people! and eating meals and buying clothes. really, life in korea is not so different than life anywhere else.

it's really a struggle for me to figure out how to keep in touch with people the way i would like to. it seems really lame, but there are just certain experiences or anecdotes that are relatable to certain people, and outside of that i maybe don't really care to communicate with them? oops.

and other people i would love to talk to every day and haven't talked to even once! and i should have. you know who you are!! write me an e-mail from your office sometime! and i feel like maybe my life will be a little bit more messed up and a little less meaningful when i go back to the states. but i'm going to be here for a long time so why worry about it?

basically i would like to say that i am just as lazy as ever and i fel really sad about it? and although i'm sick of taking the easy way out all the time maybe sometimes things are easy because they're good and right for you.