last friday night at penn

and the air conditioning's on! i didn't mail my various important forms and bills today, but oh well. it's our last friday night! we finally bbq-ed it up in our sideyard, but i'd gone out w/ the h crew to our probably last pietro's dinner before, so i didn't indulge in the various charred offerings. except for some roasted peppers ... mmmm. now i guess i'm just waiting. for my luck to change, for my determination to grow stronger. for the need to shower to overcome me.

today was actually quite busy. i woke up and finished my thesis. for GOOD. then went to the jws then college then huntsman locii. it was an impressive day. the splendor of our time here continues to baffle me. not that it was splendid for me but just the nature of college. the first box lunches in the torrid sun. the last weary lines for picking up regalia. words like regalia, baccalaureate, cum laude.

"it's not whether they're gay or straight. it's whether they're going to have sex after they're married."