ch ch chaaanges

while in ny last friday, i suffered from 1) the aftermath of tandoor the night before and 2) the realization that ny is not actually a bad place to end up after college. "oh well," i reasoned, "doesn't really matter cause i'm not getting this job!" i met anand at century 21, walked around brooklyn in my terrible shoes, and stood/sat in the aisle on the delayed amtrak train going back to philly. so now, as it turns out, somehow they're giving me an offer and now i have to choose between:

citigroup public finance/ny/lots of friends/lots of money/lots of prestige/nice ppl
zs associates/princeton/0 friends/decent money/decent prestige/awesome, goofy ppl
fulbright eta/korea/0 friends/enough to live on/personal fulfillment/NEW ppl

and these are just the SHORT term attributes [oh marketing. were that i could subject myself to a conjoint analysis. what would i end up with?] clearly i'm at a pathetic personal crossroads; i think it's crazy b/c my brother is making his college choices now too and clearly, i am in no position to give him any sage counsel. when was i ever?

no small consolation, this!!! the result of a splurge at liberty place yesterday...