totally broke all aspects of the diet yesterday, but mysteriously woke up hours earlier than 'usual' as well. have i finally caught up on my sleep deprivation (which really didn't exist) or was it the plateful of brownies? i do not know. some notable events of the last few days:

  • modelling in JMHH F85

  • hanseul coming over (still over!) and us drinking coffee in lots of different places

  • and us buying clothes in lots of different places (anthropologie sales...never GOOD but happily thorough)

  • me trying to be a nicer person, more consciously and actively than in the past

  • lots of interviews in different cities. however my new motivation to find a job is probably to go buy coachella tickets more than anything else. i will not let myself do that unless i am gainfully employed!

  • a "90-95% chance" of winning the fulbright to teach english in korea. that doesn't count for the preceding item

  • taking exercise classes at the gym which SLAY ME every week