oh, i just missed posting something for my birthday. but that's okay. i just got back from the yo la tengo concert at the trocadero, which was pretty amazing! otherwise, it was a really immobile day...we stayed in bed until four o' clock, which def'ly prompted the derision of luis, whom we joined then to eat some excessively late breakfast. yes, i'm lazy. sometimes i just like to take it further than other days. a girl doesn't get thrown a surprise birthday party every night, after all! ahh, i love my friends :^D and the birthday party was even BETTER because manoj and i were drunk as we came in, spilling through the door under the influence of 5/7 bottles of red wine, and me, hiding behind him as everyone launched into 'happy birthday'. full of delish rx food and so happy to see all my friends! and the night before, won was my hero...bringing bananas (serotonin?), red bull, and energy elixir (!!!) to my rescue at 2 am, as i feverishly/reluctantly wrote my paper for professor mahaffey. absolute angel.