oh man. somehow, i completely re-adapted to the american keyboard just by sitting down in front of my PC and being at home...sweet...messy...family inhabited...home. i hate this period of moving back into my house/parent's house, and all my toiletries are deep down in some bag so i have to just dig through the vials and jars of assorted shampoos and lotions and contact lens cases to get what i need. that one night when i'm confronted by all this crazy shit that i own, all the clothes and books and bears and photos and CDs and beads and pharmaceutical pens, and i just want it all to go away. maybe to goodwill, where they could use the flotsam and jetsam of this six month life hiatus.

so i have so much to do. write a vitriolic letter to air france regarding our luggage which was lost for a week and will probably never ever show up. try to finally, finally! figure out housing for next semester (aka, 10 days from now?). get rid of this queasy angry and annoyed at family feeling. figure out - is the cell phone mine? or my brother's? now that it has this ugly casing. decide on a concentration. unpack launder repack. master corporate finance. take out my contacts.