i usually get this sick panicky feeling when reading the blogs of people that i know through other people. and also when i'm sitting at other people's PCs. and oh yeah when submiting resumes to companies whose logos i can not at all understand or even decipher, like lord and taylor (they're coming to my school tomorrow to talk about repositioning, and the way i imagine it is that this kind of bluff gruff man will unveil a pretty le bon marche-ish logo. but, prolly not, and i'll be working on fin when this all happens, so this will remain totally a guess). so right now, i'm like, super...jumpy. it's not even midnight yet! and i don't know...i went through a period where i didn't shower or brush my teeth because i didn't have a clean bathtub or toothbrush handy. i signed up for all these classes. and i bought two tubs of german body cream, one which smells like rose and the other which smells like lime sorbet! lisa came over... the day before that, rob came over... and a few hours before that, i won a mug at wharton casino night! oh, my luck.
and in english class today we talked about how meaning is repetition, and meaning is pattern, and that there is that kernel of difference between observing and judging. i smoked a cigarette on the trajectory from freshgrocer to our house. and i took the penn bus west for the very first time! and i feel like some drug addict a la infinite jest or royal tenenbaums who is carefully taking her words from her mouth and placing them on a table. but there is no pattern. it's soo cold in philly!