this computer lab at 16 qcb = always mildewy hot from no ventilation and the heavy breathing of the computer users therein. and it's true that i can't even speak english anymore but it seems to funnel out of my fingertips nonetheless. good/bad? nice came and went as did fabio and fabrizio. and chorzee. erg and ... broken car windows and many many bottles of wine consumed in the open and under cover. and i bought these ugly boots yesterday. why? i can never decide whether i need to shop with other people or i hate shopping with other people (you could even take out 'shopping with' and have a pretty good question. just read erick's blog, maybe why that is why i hate this style right now. and i feel like...i want to know where i'm going to live next semester, and what my scarf will look like when i'm finished with it...and which major and minor european cities are really worth my time and petulant gaze. this weekend?