oh man. teehee...hanseul just called me on the fact that even months ago, i knew that i'd want to be in cincinnati (or was it cleveland) now, instead of dc, sitting on my ass in an office with my headphones on. because i have nothing to do today on my penultimate day working here. and won't have anything to do tomorrow. after all the drama i've been through, here, then, i now know that i could in fact have just left town last friday. oh bitter life! i'll just print out recipes, read people's siblings' profiles, steal good pens, and check the wmata website to see how easily i can get from the apartment to BWI with a shuffling step and bursting luggage. and fix my archives. all months should be up now.

harrumph and something just made me furious. only one person will know what i'm talking about, i promise. ouch ouch ouch...my already lifeless heart is bounding off of hot coals.

also hmm. hanseul and i went dc-crazy this weekend, going to the national gallery (and cascade cafe! i wasn't dreaming) then the hirshhorn again, and then watched waking life. like watching the shipping news (oh yes and i mean the band, not the movie) or whoever it was, with veronica, some things need to be experienced under an influence and with lots of friends and your best haircut. and popcorn? but anyway, then we went to the black cat on the spur of the moment. me, hopeful, after having missed the last two saturdays (really should have gone w/ rob last weekend!) and pestering hanseul with my querulous apologies.

anyway, getting ho'ed up is the best! and riding the metro all ho'ed up is also the best. at the door, she and her NYS license somehow passed muster for her to get stamped as over 21, while i got branded with big permanent black marker x's...we walked through the de rigueur crowd to the back of the club and stepped into the dance party which was just...a room with a bar and one boy dancing. it heated up eventually in both ways and so we awkwardly danced to the great wag music until it was time to shag ass to the metro. yesterday we went to old town, great ice cream and tapas, and finally i bought something for my host mother which is ultra...blah. but fine.

random links which i'm putting here, because i get the feeling that telnet use is frowned upon...
cross-atlantic report especially
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