sitting in the GWU library and unable to take out this book on photography which is exactly what happened nearly a year ago today, in a different library in a different city and that same poofy sense of resignation washes over me. or has it been mostly with me this whole time? anyway. today was one of those walking alone days. i woke up and made a pile of apple pancakes, hauled ass to two CVS's in order to get a total of $70 via cashback (so inefficient...the ways i like it), and then metro-ed to bethesda, where i got my hair cut (mostly bangs cut) by someone i heard about through the korean grapevine. very happy with my haircut and rendered less skeptical about the effects of blowdrying. then i wandered over to the mustard seed whcih is a cleaned up new/used clothing store where i got such nice things (benetton sweater, lux skirt which i'm wearing now, and a little kelly greenish coach handbag, woo!) even though this week i bought a camera and zoom lens and yesterday went out for dinner and drinks with fun kiplinger's folk. but in some slight financial backwash, the photo booth that i went to today took and spit out 12!! pictures of me. not all good, but definitely worth it and i've never done that before. i have to see whether i can sneak back in that direction, because i perhaps unwisely told the store owner what happened and he sputtered and muttered and wasn't even going to let me take all my pictures home! goodness. oh g-money. france might have to be one long financial breathholding experience at this rate...aack!

i guess now what i feel like doing is crouching over a fire and turning pages. i have all my equipment with me :^D i was slightly inspired o'er margaritas by one of my co-workers yesterday, who broke up with her boyfriend after girl/boy future intentions became apparent. this was done tearfully, and at length, but all for the best. i love/hate how basic banal conversations can render someone so much more human. oops! the library is closing. i've been forewarned.