at home and blogbot is still with me! at home and there's no looming threat of network administrators or other authority figures (maybe the first time i've ever written/said "authority figures" in my life!) my dad just vacuumed the inside of my comp then installed a cd burner drive in it. it was so nice of him...i just asked him whether he could let me burn some cds with the other computer's burner, and when i got back home a few hours later, there was a brand new translucent blue drive in my computer! my goodness...all this time that i've wanted a cd burner and now of course i'm not sure what to burn! am i totally liberated from purchasing any more cds? currently SO jiggling with electricity with belle and sebastian 'i could be dreaming' oh my. tonight and yesterday i went out with anand and mike [oh names] +/- andrew and jamie. of course...felt really girlish and yes "linchpin of dignity"-ish