sitting here in the mornings, fearing stenographer's butt and carpal tunnel syndrome and dried out contacts. and other fears which i can probably never quite allay or slay or lay to rest. my diet is going totally awry because when i get home at night, it's like 11:30, and i can neither work out nor cook. then when i get up, it's like 7:40, and i can neither get up nor realize what is going on around me. usual result - PB sandwich and grapefruit for lunch. instead of lemongrass chicken salad in pita. but i had some great raspberry crunchy cereal today, etc. the issue of trust, or even faith. of course, not an intellectual exercise. and if you don't feel it, either, this heartquashing limbo of feeling un won over. when you ought to be. but i do love people who assume too much, when in fact it's just enough. because you are exactly alike. :^)