signs that someone's trying to tell me something (compiled over last few days)
  • YM quiz about whether you are a leader...or a follower.

  • watching real world chicago, where what'shername tells aneesa that she can be a little 'slow'

  • spiderman. good movie!! i'm sure his dilemmas are applicable to my life (regents critical lens, anyone?!)

  • oh yeah, and the fucking FOUNTAINHEAD. peter keating v. howard roark and who am i etc. god, how annoying my life is!

  • AND various articles in nylon that are all about people creating things re: art, and leisure, and beauty...

  • someone's away message which had to do with being decisive. and how that will chaaange your life.

  • piece de resistance was watching gilmore girls and that 80s show tonite where incredibly cute asian actors romped and played and after ALL of this, i knew that i want to be an...

actress/designer/writer/artist/interior designer/journalist...oh sadness. and "oh god damn."

can you tell, i'm still fat and unpacked, there's a HUGE pile of my clothes on the floor from laundry. i got a B in mktg 396. just existing makes me feel lazy and nonplussed. supposedly the key is, or will be, not to be intimidated. and to do noble gracious amazing things slowly in no real order.