"o judi dench my judi dench"
Ast Ro Zin E: do you think that being beautiful in the inside counts?
deneuver: of course
deneuver: it's like the most important thing
deneuver: only if it shows on the outside. though.
Ast Ro Zin E: oh ok
deneuver: like
deneuver: in your wristband that you wear

another headache...probably cause? sewing or mangopeach lotion. feeling weak...can not do more than quip and smiley and misspell words to communicate. will probably throw up soon. yaay!!! maybe?

today lisa and i went on a safariexpedition that was like this:
walking down raymond avenue [?] for coffee past the two goodlooking redheaded boys who were unloading exercise equipment into that meadow place. see jaguar which belongs to chef ef, the pioneering mexican/spanish chef who owns tacoland a chain of mexican restaurants one of which sits primly on raymond avenue. or whatever it is. copper jag! but cubbyhole opens at 6?! so we go to library where our coffee wouldna been allowed anyway, and get some books. fiction. because i (we?) have immature taste. then we go to to bookworm and i buy one of the books i have just borrowed. because i think i will like it. the book's name? the hours. a novel. by michael cunningham. oh, do guess its subject. at least 1/3 virginia woolf. how LAME have i become? oy and omg. then we go...do other fun secret stuff which will be divulged sometime maybe?

meanwhile, the additive property is not in effect for our grades on pennintouch. if we did know them all at once (cf tonytai) it would be far better than the slow foreplay to rape that this knowing them slowly/not at all would be. maybe?

i think i will go to school on saturday instead of sunday. not to spite the 2-week vacation or to...soak in the much-needed academic ambience but...i don't know why. i need to get somewhere that is more like an island than poughkeepsie, which soaks into surrounding areas. until you don't know what district you're in or where the nearest diner might be. tomorrow if anand or i can get a car, massmoca. islandy! maybe?

i feel like i'm staving off all sensations with my talking...charlie rose, pansori, japanese talk show, tunafish, headaches... :^)
deneuver: virtual pet idea of sex?

jus dor ange. by monday a hug again :^D