my room might smell because i've been walking around in a brine sockless fettle for a few weeks now. not having any sandals to stomp around in and damage my feet in [my feet are so damaged with twinging cringing pains] and i never liked socks, except for those few moments of weakness that one year. so i'm not sure which shoes the smell is coming from, but ... oops. i'm feeling empowered today, the whole world is coursing through my veins, and there are no particular reasons why, so that's even better, i think. just wanted to document this. it's always better to have proofs. :^P i failed this marketing midterm today, and other things are sliding out of my success horizon, but i feel like just replying to e-mails from adults can help me. a cello, piano lessons, terrible epistolary novels, i have no sense of time because no wristwatch since when? i'm like fucking [jo]job[a], man. who am i writing like? does it matter?