"Was a time...
when I thought I could talk down to all my friends
when I could not be considerate to you."
-the pernice brothers

today i met everyone twice! first friday ended up being just like discovering big jar and aka. whoooooo we live in mcsweeneys or citysearch.com.philadelphia! but really, woooo! because momma got some paint samples from big kmart [martha stewart hegemony kmart].
"this ain't my register!" -some ho at cinnabon who saved me and tony from 450 calories and $2.49.
foodtek = g.h.e.t.o.g.r.e.a.t diner!
green has elected itself my new favorite color for about a month now.

indian boy with a pet cell phone and glasses he wore like a windshield
girl with a full bright pink rose balanced in flour white fingers, a dirty callus on her right heel
so together, sideways touchtalking on septa
then doing the flamenco with those cage-y subway turnstiles on the way out
his voice was nothing like anything i want to know
and their conversation was reflective and harsh in the humid air but

if you didn't take pictures, it means you had more fun
"and on a related note" tony caught me on my looking at mirror obsession at foodtek. the root of that, which i don't think i've ever told anyone, is seventeen magazine saying in a survey q/a that if you look in a mirror more than 20x a day, you're so insecure you're a dishrag kind of thing. thereafter i started looking at mirrors like 200x a day...ack! but i feel like also i'm looking for the perfect reflection in a long day. whatever yo!!