yesterday i got pulled over, today i probably won't be going down to penn. the events are unrelated and unsurprising...some more 'me time' it is :^P
* * *
okay so connie and i were talking about the big sexy biocircle of attraction. asian men generally being acknowledged as losers on the boys side, black women as losers on the girls side. the tech talkin' and big booty all aside side. but how sexy are the asian men in the new ibm and fujitsu commercials? ibm > fujitsu and i have nothing to say about black women being the losers, but they're obviously hot, won't go into it. one day ladies! [almost stuck a 'we shall overcome' in there]. also eyebogglingly sexy was james blake playing tennis today. craig david, maxwell, lenny kravitz...plato's idea 'hot guy' and 00s 'hot guy' nicely aligned. good work plato!